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Roll crusher, which can also be called roller crusher, teeth roller crusher or double roll crusher, which has more than two hundred years of history of the development. It is not only widely used in cement, metallurgy, chemical, electric power, coal and other industries to process brittle and ductile materials, but also used to medium crush and fine crush ores and stones whose hardness is below medium hardness in ore beneficiation, chemical industries, cement, building materials and other industries.

Roll Crusher

Teeth roll crusher work should pay special attention to the following matters:

1. to strengthen the work to the iron ore. The non crushing matter (bit and so on) into the roll will damage the crusher, resulting in accidents. So in the crushing machine should be installed before the iron removing device.

2. roll crusher run a long time, due to the roll surface wear large, will cause the product particle size is too small, then you should adjust the discharging mouth or on equipment maintenance.

3. when dealing with more of materials with large, easy to pay attention to large deposits of space squeezed out from the broken, to prevent injury or equipment damage.

4. viscous material easy to plug the break room, plug in the treatment failure should stop processing, not to poke mine in operation.

5. to strengthen the equipment inspection, lubrication equipment to due to gas, keep good lubrication equipment.

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double roll crusher:

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