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Disk granulator or grain making machine is a molding machine used for making the materials to specific shapes. It is widely used in chemistry, petrifaction, pharmacy, food, building material, mining and metallurgy, environment protection, printing and dyeing, ceramics, rubber and plastics.

In order to ensure the disk running stability in the process, pan granulator using structural steel to weld underbed, for increasing its pressure surface. The recliner assy uses worm gear and worm drive thread axial transmission principle, to meet the requirements of plate angle, also according to customer requirements can be realized by using hydraulic equipment debugging.

Disk granulator

Disc granulator size gear design dust cover to reduce the wear of gear mesh. The angular contact ball bearing spindle or tapered roller bearings to withstand main shaft axial force. Motor is fixed in a fixed on the side of the chassis to meet the needs of the installation is convenient.

The high-speed shaft end and low speed shaft end are decorated in the upper, to reduce the shaft seal ring wear and solve the problem of oil leakage. Connected by cylindrical gear also to avoid the insufficient rigidity of bevel gear and broken teeth affect production continuity. High speed shaft of reducer end adopts flat key double bond connection, interference fit hole axis, ensure the normal order of the torque of the transfer without failure.

Using the adjustable plate body and at the bottom of welded beams in order to increase the bottom of the stiffness and strength, at the edge of the plate welding of round steel to enhance the radial stiffness of the dish, the unpowered scraper and round steel welding into stents to reduce drag to withstand bending moment.

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