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Sand making plant is designed for a wide range of specifications to meet customer requirements for the crush of granite, basalt, cobblestone, bauxite, cement clinker, quartz, silicon carbide, ore, iron ore and other raw materials, especially for the content of basalt gravel flakiness, the traditional processing technology can not meet the requirements.

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Here Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. introduces the information about production site for sand making plant:

1. sand making plant can’t start without raw material, people usually choose the area rich in mineral resources, such as mountain rocks in southern China. If it is a small sand making plant, it is difficult to crush gravel. If they use waste rock and scattered stone, the production is very low. In addition, if they use pebble or cobble for sand making, then it will affect the choice of the sand making machine and consider the cost of transportation.

2. we have to analyze the mineral composition for sand maker plant. Different mineral raw material composition, hardness, water content, corrosive, combustibility and explosibility will be different. After analyzing the composition of mineral raw materials, we have to select appropriate equipment to guarantee the sand making plant to reduce the failure rate and guarantee high efficiency.

3. these factors like the choice of reasonable production field, reasonable arrangement of sand making equipment comprehensive utilization of limited resources should be taken into consideration to create the biggest wealth according to individual ability and the market demand.

4. environmental protection has been paid more and more attention to. It is not desirable ignore environmental protection only for the sake of economic benefits. We should abide by the relevant laws and do less harm to the environment in the process of sand making.

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