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The flotation machine is suitable to the selection of non-ferrous and ferrous metal, which also can be applied in non-metal such as coal fluorite and talc sorting. Flotation machine is also being called flotation separator, flotation concentrator and flotation-cell.

Flotation Cell

Every tend has three functions of air suction, slurry suction and flotation simultaneously being unique in flotation return circuit without need for any supplement and equipment, the circuit change is convenient for horizontal location. The capacity of air suction is large, the power consumption is low. The regulation is convenient to equip auto and electro-controlling arrangements for slutty level. The slurry cycle is rational, the settlement of coarse sand can be reduced into full play.

The flotation cell is driven by a motor triangular substituting transmission when impeller rotates, which can form the pressure of centrifugal effect, and on the one hand, suction sufficient air is mixed with the slurry, on the other hand, to stir the slurry mixed with the drug is the second step while refinement of the foam, so that mineral above adhesive foam float to the pulp surface mineralized foam is formed. To adjust the height of the gate and to control of the liquid level are the useful ways for foam scraper by being scraped off. The slurry with the pharmaceutical treatment can be fixed in bubbles above with some mineral particles selectively, which is scraped off by floating on the surface, and the rest can be still retained in the slurry in order to reach the purpose of sorting the material. There are some types of flotation machine at this right minute, and the most common one is the mechanical mixing flotation machine, which is widely used in our daily life.

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